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We are simply a company that works towards standerdizing  skills acquisition in Nigeria to have a set of well and professionally skilled Nigerians that will take Nigeria and Africa out of the current state and place it where it should be in no distant time.

Creating awareness for the need for skill acquisition, bringing together young skilled Nigerians, nurturing them up to international standards, and making them ready to impact profitably to the masses.

To achieve a better equipped Nigerians, stricking out hunger, and achieving self reliance in the near future.

Your benefits as a Trainer are listed here.
Your benefits as a Trainee are listed here.

a. To make sure that Trainees are trained well such that they can make use of the skill learned to actually make a living and impact with it.

b. To help Trainers save money in advertising and get and secure their market share in order to utilize their investment effectively and make more gains and less loss.

c. To raise a set of well skilled and well informed labour force in the country.

d. To standardize Skilled Acquisition setups equipping them with the necessary IT tools needed in the present world.

e. To ignite consciousness for the need to be skilled in order to effect the society.

f. To make quality skill acquisition possible at the possible lowest cost.

g. To increase the rate and need for independence among those concerned.

h. To create and have a network of high skilled and standardized training outfits.

i. To help promote and increase the rate of industrialization in the country.

j. To increase confidence of the masses in skills acquired in Nigeria.

k. To increase hire rate of Nigerian Skilled Labour Force and lower hire rates of foreign Skilled Labour Force.

l. To help through quality skilled labour force, attract foreign investors.

m. To make possible the presence of service centres in all nook and crannies of the country.

n. To help make Nigerian Training Outfits get online in order to start tapping into the wealth of the Internet and digital technology.

o. To help young training outfits grow faster with reasonable market share and returns. 

As for Trainees, we charge them nothing for the service given to them because we work towards helping foster self realization and progress of our country Nigeria.

But for Trainers, we charge a certain percentage on each student we send to them in the course of their contract with us. This is dependent on the training conditions, location of trainer, capacity of the trainer, etc. This we discuss with Trainer in our Corporate Meeting with them.

As Trainer, your contract with us last only for 5 Years. We believe that by the end of 5 Years, your business must have stabilized and be of international standard. This is to help us accomodate more new and young trainer which might include those you must have trained. We give room for growth and expansion for all. We don't work with already establised big organisations because they have achieved their feat in the industry, rather we work work with young new ones to help them grow.

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