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Our Trainees are the most important part of SkillsPorte Nigeria. Without them, we are non-existenct. For this and on this, we do not joke with their affairs. Find out what we do to ensure quality and affordable training experience for our Trainees below.

Wait! Before then, Take A Look

Lets Consider Other Ways!

1. It’s usually crowded and over-crowded.
2. It’s always very ineffective.
3. More than 90% of Trainees don’t take the training serious because its given free.
4. More than 90% of Trainees applied to be trained due to the monthly stipend for transport they get from the sponsor especially if sponsored by government.
5. More than 90% of Trainees applied to be trained due to the start-up capital they will receive at the end of the training which they actually hope to use for personal needs.
6. More than 95% of Trainers hired are incompetent.
7. More than 95% of Trainers hired have deals with the hiring committee on what they (Trainers) will pay in return to the committee.
8. Due to (7) above, Trainers will be highly conservative in using resources meant to be used in training the Trainees so that they will have some money left for their needs after settling the committee.
9. More than 95% of Trainers victimise the Trainees by withholding the knowledge they are supposed to teach them and invite them privately and promise in-depth training where the Trainee will have to pay separately and heavily.
10. Most of the training contact hours are lost, standards not met, truancy in the part of Trainers and Trainees due to the fact that there is not always “monitoring”.
11. Such training always seems to be formality, camouflage, and in most cases fruitless.

This is why the rate of unemployment, poverty, hunger, armed-robbery, cybercrime, among others continues to prevail even though millions and billions is being spent yearly to organise skills acquisition programmes by both government and individuals. The fact remains that it will continue if no intervention is made.

1. Very High cost of training
2. Nonchalant attitude of Trainers still prevails.
3. Lack of training equipment and accessories
4. Trainers don't keep training terms and conditions
5. Most Trainers demand full tuition payment immediately.
6. No proper assessment is conducted
7. Most Trainees are somewhat used by Trainers for their personal business.
8. No external monitoring to ensure training is done as should.
9. Everything is monetized unnecessarily
10. Most people get little after paying higher without knowing it.
11. No standards are followed
12. No after-training follow up and assitance
13. Most traning centres are not conducive for learning
14. Most training centres don't deploy latest technologies in their field so as to give students first class information in their training course.
15. Most Training centers don't have online presence and hence couldn't carry most students along digitally.
16. Most traning centres does not include Character and Attitude Control measures thereby encouraging immorality and social vices.
17. Most trainers don't research in their field of concentration
18. Most trainers don't have required certifications and qualifications that equips them to properly manage and administer trainings to students.
19. There is no room at most centres for students to have real life applications of the skills they are learning during training.
20. Most training centres don't give students projects to facilitate their learning experience.

These are why most students don't have a headway towards using the skill they learnt after paying much to make a living. You need to learn a skill today! How could you cope with all these? This is where SkillsPorte® comes in.

The Benefits of having your Training through SkillsPorte Nigeria

  1. Gives you orientation on different skills before you make your choice fully.
  2. Research for and recommend best Trainers to you.
  3. We make sure that any Trainer we are sending you to meets all our Trainers Standards. Click here to see the standards our trainers must meet before we can send you to them.
  4. Locates the Trainer that is closest to you.
  5. We send you to those Trainers as a Corporate Trainee and not as an ordinary Trainee. This will make them treat you as a First Class Candidate. This they must do!
  6. Monitors your training and carry out on-the-spot investigation in the cause of your training through our surveilance cameras online or physically.
  7. Ensures your Trainer always attend to you as stated in your time table and action plan.
  8. Stands in for you should your Trainer attempt any abuse of any kind that is out of the agreement they must sign to take you up as a Trainee through our Lawyers. 
  9. Ensures your Trainer does not task you extra apart from the agreed fee. No Trainer can be billed uneccessarily!
  10. You pay the trainer through SkillsPorte® at stipulated times and not randomly. This is to ensure you pay-as-you learn and not pay when you are yet to learn thereby ensuring you get the value for your money.
  11. You pay much lesser than you could have paid if you go individually because SkillsPorte® will beat down the price for you and still ensures you get trained maximally.
  12. Looks out for sponsorship to further beat down the training fee for you. Which means its possible you could do your training free. This is only if we have a sponsor for your skill.
  13. Advertises you for employment and your new business if you intend to start-up your own after successfully completing your training.
  14. Organising proper Business Training for you after your training equiping you with proper Marketing and IT Skills you require to excel in your Business. Click here to download the Course Outline for the Business Training.
  15. Assists you in raising capital for your new business start-up on the skill you have learnt. We give soft loans with lowest possible interest rate and conditions which you cannot get from any financial or government agency in Nigeria.
  16. To keep you closer to us, we have a dedicated Helpline for you to call to report any misconduct from the Trainer.
  17. We also have a Closed User Group (CUG) from 9Mobile Nigeria to enable you call your Trainer and fellow Trainees at a much more cheaper rate (extra fee applies).
  18. Moreover, we have social media groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram where you interact with all Trainees of different skills all over the country.
  19. Yearly get-together/celebration of all Trainees at different places – where we invite potential employers and philantropists to meet you, people to contract you, etc.
  20. SkillsPorte® honours outstanding Trainees yearly and recommends them to government/companies.
  21. Among other things, we are set to ensure you do not waste your time, money and energy.

Go through SkillsPorte® for your 100% satisfaction in any Skill you wish to acquire and utilize you time, money, and energy effectively! 

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