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Thank you for choosing to help in restructuring our society through your best approach in rendering your training to people. Please kindly fill in the form below to help us know you better and prepare towards meeting you. We plead with you to give us full and correct information. We shall however make sure that all you provided are correct information through our physical verification exercise.

But Before You Proceed!

Make sure you read and understand our set standards for all of our trainers below:

  1. Corporate Affairs Commission Registration - We require that all our trainers must be registered with corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. This is in line with our measures to keep and maintain standards set in order to achieve all the goals of SkillsPorte Nigeria. Please note that there is no substitute for this.
  2. Have a Website - All Trainers must have an online presence which in this case we meant a good and simple website and not a Facebook Page, or the likes. The trainer must have his or her website registered with his or her business name either in full on abbreviated and must be owned and registered by the trainer. e.g. Deosoft International Computer School's website is The abbreaviations are used. Visit the site for proof. 
  3. Not Older than 4 Years - One of our key objectives is to help younger businesses survive amidst giant ones. We have set it that none of our trainers must have done business for fore than 4 years in his or her skill area. We need them young. We want to nurture them to current standards of international repute. 
  4. Trainer Age Not More than 35 - We however need to work with younger entrepreneurs who are more energetic and eager to excel in the current situation of the country and who we believe will be in the know of current digital world knowledge available. And because 90% of our trainees are youths, we need a youth for the youths - like minds work better.
  5. Social Media Presence - Trainer must have atleast a "Facebook and Twitter Account" among others with his or her business name. This is because, we operate online and most of our intending trainees are equally expected to be Internet savvy. Adding to this, Trainers must be on WhatsApp and/or Instagram. Join our Intending Trainers WhatsApp Group.
  6. Be On the Map - Trainer's Business Name must be on the Map. This is to enable our trainees be able to find and locate your business on the map and also this will enable your existence be made available nationally and internationally. 
  7. Spacious Training Centre - Your Training room must be spacious enough to create a conducive environment for learning. It should not be clustered. Endeavour to make it spacious enough to accommodate the studetns we shall be sending to you. Note that we made a promise to them, which we must keep, and this is a major one. 
  8. Standby Power Supply - If your training field needs power supply to work, there should be an alternative power supply aside PHCN to ensure power failure does not disrupt your training.
  9. Equipment Availability - The equipment needed for your training should be available in your training centre and be owned by you. However, if need be, you can hire it anytime it is to be used. But you must ensure it is always present each time the students need it.
  10. Specialization - You should endeavour to specialize and be dedicated to one skills area and not having multiple trades in one classroom. We don't mean you must be training only on one trade say "Computer Training" and not doing Cyber Cafe, etc, if you must run the two, you must have separate classrooms for each to avoid the interference of each other. We would want our students to have the most appropriate and conducive environment for their traininig with you. Note that Trainers that specialize in one particular trade area has more chances of being selected to work with us us than those that does multiple things. Reason is that those that run multiple things in their business can never have give attention to those things. Endeavour to specialize in one area of trade, it will help you to concentrate. It helps to attain professionalism.
  11. Handbook - You should have a simple and elaborate training handbook for the training. Note however that the handbook should not be meant to be indispensible in the training but to serve as a second channel of learning. The handbook can be in Print, Video or Audio form or a mixture of all. You know the best you can afford.
  12. More Practicals Classes - You should endeavour to make your training more practical than theory. Though we know every trade has both but we recommend 30% Theory and 70% Practicals. This will help our students much and helps us achieve our objectives.
  13. Attendance Register - You should maintain proper attendance register for your students. Even though we will have our own attendance register in your centre, yours is equally needed which will be marked by you and not by the students. This greatly will help us in monitoring the students. Please do not defend or cover any student in terms of the attendance because you are not helping them and it will also affect your credibility score.
  14. Business Mobile App - We expect our trainers to have an android mobile app for their business that will be accessible on Google Apps Store. It can be as simple as possible or sophisticated. We would want a situation whereby by all our trainers are well equiped to meet international standards to be able to stand out where ever they are called.
  15. Students Information Management System - This is a simple database driven Desktop application which will help you to manage your students information. We don't allow the use of Book Register through out. You may have your students register but for the main information management should not only be in their registration form but should equaly be stored digially in a Computer System so as to make it handy and easily shareable if need be. Information Management System is a very good tool for any organisation that manages records and we want our trainers to be part of the move for standardization.
  16. Proof of Computer & Digital Literacy Proficiecy - All trainers must show a proof of Basic Computer and Digital Literacy. We decided to work with trainers of age not more than 35 so that we can get a group of young people that are technologically inclined. You need ot be operating digitally to be able to work with us effectively. If you have the proficiency already, that is good and will still need to be verified. But if not, we advice you take advantage of one our Trainer Partners Deosoft International Computer School to have your Basic training in ICT. Visit for more information.
  17. Be Everybody's Person - You have to be an everybody's person in order to be able to work effectively as a trainer. We deal with youths and they have diverse characteristics and needs to be handled with care. There are certain qualities you must possess inorder to efficiently deal with your students. We however in our "Train-The-Trainers Workshop" which all our trainers must undergo, we will professionally educate you well. Note that the "Train-The-Trainers" workshop is part of your certification process and it is mandatory for all trainers to attend the workshop.
  18. Letter-Headed, Stamp, Seal - In our quest for standardization of our Trainers, we require that they will have a branded letter headed paper for correspondences, and stamp and seal for authenticating their documents. 
  19. Corporate Bank Account - We would like you to create a Corporate Bank Account with any Bank of your choice. This is equally to further standardize our trainers. This will in future enable you be qualified to under go some certain government contracts and beyond. We equally use this avenue to work with the Company and not an individual.
  20. Branded T-Shirt - You should have a branded T-Shirt of your company for your staff. During our Corporate Meetings, you appear on that. 

In order to achieve our set goals and objectives, we require all our trainers to adhere to the above. If in any way you need assitance in achieving any of them, do not hesitate to contact us in that regards. We have experts on ground to help you achieve them in the lowest possible cost. 


No. 5 Ziks Avenue, Opp. St. John's Catholic Church, Umuokpu-Awka, Awka South LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Phone: 08076269496
WhatsApp: 08076269496


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